Minelabbing day in Sweden 14 may

Sveriges metallsökarförening & Guldström held at Evko Skårsjö minelabbing day in Sweden. During the day it was full speed to join a scavenger hunt where the winners could win a go find 60. To answer the questions, you had to use their metal detectors to get the right answer. In Sweden you need permission from Länsstyrelsen for the use of metal detectors, SMF cooperation with the Agency made it possible for all interested in visiting us to perform scavenger hunt.

During the day the members searched on the property and stunning metal findings came out of the surface. It was also organized lectures in the afternoon, there were two archaeologists who held talks that took all the attention of the event all participants.

The landowner Gratitude demonstrated when 165,35 Pund of scrap declared them diligent metal searchers, we keep Sweden Clean and pick up all junk we find.


Examine closely
13227259_10209662572341524_3002954069326592393_o - kopia Foto: Michael Lander

CTX 3030, with built-in GPS is good, this writes Anna-Lena up information for her discovery
13220787_10209662109489953_8045897460135067485_o - kopia Foto: Michael Lander

Mr. Minelab flew by with his superpowers and his best tools CTX 3030
13221659_631015010395179_5697335052116748958_n - kopia

Serious things, a button once again get to see daylight after 100 years in the mud
13217032_10209662248453427_3119821697250911290_o - kopia Foto: Michael Lander

Many use the CTX 3030 is a popular machine
13217301_10209662922110268_1683667988925691746_o - kopia Foto: Michael Lander

And some even use E-Track out on the field
13247858_10209662928670432_653047277837665235_o - kopia Foto: Michael Lander

Here we see some of those who discontinued the search for listening to the archaeologists who lectured.
13239357_10153783930715547_6545998509415778669_n - kopia

Håkan Svensson one of the speakers
13235192_10209662393177045_4460229900899372838_o - kopia Foto: Michael Lander

Viewing coins found during the day
13165898_10153597683222083_7259417194562909247_n - kopia

165,35 Pund (lb, lbs) of junk did we collect

Thanks to Minelabbing day
gruppbild Foto: Michael Lander

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